Vertical Youth


Sunday Mornings 8am, 9:30am or 11:00am

GRACE teens

We exist so that young people in the 6th through 12th grades can experience God while connecting to each other each week.  Our program is designed with students in mind and features engaging worship and powerful teaching that can be practically applied to everyday life. 


We understand that the teen years can be hard enough without overcomplicating student ministry. So we strive to express three core truths to each teenager who attends each week or is just visiting for the first time. 


Unfortunately, the world promises love based on performance, looks, likes, or some other form of acceptance. But not God. He gives His love away freely. We believe that the love of God for each individual student is stained deep into the pages of the Bible by the blood of Christ, so we desire to saturate each gatehring in that reminder. Because God really does love you. 


Once again, our world tries to reduce our existence to accident or evolution and in doing so devalues our Creator’s call to us. We desire to teach that God’s redemptive love has a purpose for each individual, and that His purpose for our life is never second best. It’s actually what we were made to do. 

3. his plan for you involves connecting with others!

We believe that life is better when it is lived in community. That’s what our student ministry is all about. Creating a community of students who grow together and encourage each other towards the next step in their Christian journey, regardless of where they are right now. 

when do I come?

While it is welcomed for our teens to come to any of our Sunday morning services, we encourage ALL TEENS to come on Sunday Nights at 5pm for a time specifically designed for them!  In addition, join us for "Backyard Wednesdays" at 6:30pm under our shelter house for supper, fun and a devotion.  Be sure to ask us about various activities that may be taking place.