Sunday Mornings 9:15am & 11:00am


This difficult time has brought many changes to our church in the way we operate.  After several months of worshiping only online after the shutdown, we have followed our governor's guidelines to safely reopen our church to it's members and the public.

1. Multiple Services to accomodate for social distancing

We have eliminated half of the seating in our Worship Center and only allow for about 75 people to attend each service.  There is room to spread out in each service with nearly 100 chairs still available.  Each row is six feet in any direction from another row.  Feel free to join us at either our 9:15am worship time or the 11:15am worship time.  Both services are identical so that everyone who comes will recieve the same experience.  We encourage our seniors to enjoy the later service while families with young children are encouraged to attend the early service.  However, feel free to attend either service that fits your needs and schedule!

2.  Kidz Zone and Nurseries are Available

Kidz Zone is available in a limited capacity upstairs during only the 9:15am service.  Bitty Church for children ages 3-5 is also available in the hallway across from the nursery.  Nursery, for children 0-2 is available during both services.  There is also a "cry room" or "play room" located right outside the Worship Center for parents of young children who may be older than babies.  Both the nursery and cry room have a live feed from the Worship Center so that parents and volunteers won't miss a single moment of what's happening in the service.

3.  Masks Required

Our local officials have mandated the use of face coverings in all public settings.  We ask that everyone who attends wear a face covering at all times while in the building.  If you do not have a face covering, one will be provided for you at our Welcome Desk, free of charge!

4.  Organized Arrival and Dismissal

All entrances to our building are temporarily closed except for the main entrance near the offices and the front entrance of the Worship Center.  All services are now dismissed by rows, to allow for social distancing on the way out of the building.

5.  Digital Media

We no longer print prayer lists and bulletins.  If you would like to recieve our weekly prayer list in your email box, simply fill out a Connection Card where you will leave us your email address, and mark in the comments that you'd like to start recieving it via email.  We'll get you on the list!

6.  Hand Sanitizer

These stations are now located throughout the building and we advise everyone in attendance to use them often!